SH79F0819 Datasheet – 8051 Microcontroller with 10bit ADC

Part Number: SH79F0819, SH79F0819M/028MU

Function: Enhanced 8051 Microcontroller with 10bit ADC

Package:  SOP28L Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sino Wealth


SH79F0819 micro-controller


The SH79F0819 is a high performance 8051 compatible micro-controller, regard to its build-in Pipe-line instruction fetch structure, that helps the device can perform more fast operation speed and higher calculation performance, if compare SH79F0819 with standard 8051 at same clock speed.



SH79F0819 datasheet pinout



1. 8bits micro-controller with Pipe-line structured 8051 compatible instruction set
2. Flash ROM: 8K Bytes
3. RAM: internal 256 Bytes, external 256 Bytes, LCD RAM 19Bytes
4. EEPROM-like: 1K Bytes


SH79F0819 Datasheet


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