SH88F4051 Datasheet – Microcontroller with 10-bit ADC – SINO

Part Number: SH88F4051, SH88F2051

Function: Microcontroller with 10-bit ADCs

Package: SOP, DIP, TSSOP 20 Pin

Manufacturer: SINO WEALTH




SH88F2051 / SH88F4051 is a high-speed high-efficiency 8051 compatible single-chip. At the same oscillation frequency, compared with the traditional 8051 chip it has run faster and superior characteristics.

The SH88F2051 / SH88F4051 retains most of the features of the standard 2051 chip. These features include built-in 256-byte RAM and two 16-bit timer / counters, one UART and external interrupts INT0, INT1, INT2. In addition, SH88F2051 / SH88F4051 also integrates 256 bytes of external RAM, compatible with 8052 chip 16-bit timer / counter(Timer2). The microcontroller also includes a 4K / 8K byte Flash block for program and data.

SH88F2051 / SH88F4051 not only integrates the EUART standard communication module, but also integrates with built-in comparison function ADC, PWM timer and other modules.






1. Based on the 8051 compatible instruction 8-bit microcontroller
2. Flash ROM: 4K / 8K bytes
3. RAM: internal 256 bytes, external 256 bytes
4. 512 bytes of on-chip EEPROM memory space

Block Diagram




SH88F4051 Datasheet


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