SM16126 Datasheet PDF – LED Display Driver IC

Part Number: SM16126

Function: LED Display Driver IC

Package: SSOP 24, QSOP 24, QFN 24 Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Sunmoon Microeletronics


SM16126 datasheet



SM16126 is designed specifically for LED display driver chip, built-in CMOS shift register and latch function, you can enter data in serial Converted into parallel output data format.

The current difference of the output channels within the IC chip is less than ±3%; the current difference between multiple ICs. The output current difference is less than ±6%; the channel output current does not vary with the output resistance. It varies by voltage (VDS); and the current is affected by voltage and ambient temperature. The change of influence is less than 1%; the output current of each channel is determined by the external resistor to adjust.



1. 16-channel constant current source output

2. The magnitude of the current output does not change due to the change of the load voltage at the output terminal

3. Constant current range:
(1) 45mA@VDD=5.0V;
(2) 30mA@VDD=3.3V

4 Extremely accurate current output
(1) On-chip maximum error: <±3%
(2) Maximum error between chips: <±6%

5. Set the current output value through external resistance adjustment

6. Up to 25MHz clock frequency

7. Working voltage: 3.3V~5.0V


1. Advertising screen

2. LED lighting



SM16126 Datasheet PDF Download

SM16126 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: SM16126D, SM16126ES, SM16126N