SM4109 Datasheet PDF – Screen LCD Chip IC – QFN 40 Pin

Part Number: SM4109

Function: Screen LCD chip IC

Package: QFN 72 Pin



The SM4109 consists of four internal-switch regulators (main boost converter, 3.3VDD buck converter, HAVDD buck converter and 1.2VDD buck converter), two external switch regulators (VON boost converter and VOFF buck-boost converter), a negative linear regulator and a high voltage level shifting scan driver.

The main boost converter and the synchronous buck converter provide the regulated supply voltage for the panel source driver ICs. The 3.3VDD buck converter provides the supply voltage for I/O interface of the T-CON and other logic circuits.


SM4109 datasheet pinout



1. 8.7V to 14.5V Input Supply Voltage Range

2. 750kHz Switching Frequency

3 High-Efficiency Step-up Regulator
(1) Peak-current Mode Control
(2) Built-In 24V, 3.5A, 0.15Ω MOSFET

4. High-Voltage Step-down Regulator for Logic (3.3V)
(1) Peak-current Mode Control
(2) Built-In 20V, 2A, 0.25Ω MOSFET



1. LCD TV and Monitor Panels


SM4109 Datasheet PDF

SM4109 pdf

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