SN65HVD77 Datasheet – Full-Duplex RS-485 Transceiver

Part Number: SN65HVD77

Function: 3.3-V Full-Duplex RS-485 Transceiver

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


SN65HVD77 datasheet



These devices extend the RS-485 portfolio with a family of full-duplex transceivers with robust 3.3-V drivers and receivers and high levels of ESD protection.

These devices each combine a differential driver and a differential receiver, which operate from a single 3.3-V power supply. Each driver and receiver has separate input and output pins for full-duplex bus communication designs. These devices all feature a wide common-mode voltage range which makes the devices suitable for multi-point applications over long cable runs.

The SN65HVD71, SN65HVD74, and SN65HVD77 devices are fully enabled with no external enabling pins.

Ordering Information and Block Diagram :



• E-meters
• Industrial automation
• Building automation
• Security and surveillance
• Encoders and decoders

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SN65HVD77 pdf

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