SN8P2714SB PDF Datasheet – 8-bit micro-controller

Part Number: SN8P2714SB, SN8P2715

Function: 8-bit micro-controller build-in 12-bit ADC

Package: SOP 28 Pin, DIP 28 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sonix


SN8P2714SB datasheet pdf


This is 8-bit micro-controller build-in 12-bit ADC. ROM Maps for SN8P2710 devices provide 2K X 16-bit OTP programmable memory. The SN8P2714SB program memory is able to fetch instructions through 12-bit wide PC (Program Counter) and can look up ROM data by using ROM code registers (R, X, Y, Z). In standard configuration, the device’s 2,048 x 16-bit program memory has four areas :

1. 1-word reset vector addresses
2. 1-word Interrupt vector addresses
3. 4-words reserved area
4. 2K words


Memory configuration :

1. OTP ROM size: 2K * 16 bits.

2. RAM size: 128 * 8 bits

3. Eight levels stack buffer

Four interrupt sources :

1. Two internal interrupts: TC0, TC1

2. Two external interrupts: INT0, INT1


SN8P2714SB Datasheet