NN30310AA Datasheet – 3A, DC-DC Step Down Regulator

Part Number: NN30310AA

Function: 3A, Synchronous DC-DC Step down Regulator

Package: 24 pin HQFN Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


NN30310AA datasheet



NN30310AA is a synchronous DC-DC Step down Regulator (1-ch) comprising of a Controller IC and two power MOSFETs and employs the hysteretic control system.

By this system, when load current changes suddenly, it responds at high speed and minimizes the changes of output voltage. Since it is possible to use capacitors with small capacitance and it is unnecessary to add external parts for system phase compensation, this IC realizes downsizing of set and reducing in the number of external parts. Output voltage is adjustable by user.


1. High-Speed Response DC-DC Step Down Regulator Circuit that employs Hysteretic Control System

2. SKIP (discontinuous) Mode for Light Load Efficiency

3. Low Operating and Standby Quiescent Current

4. Open Drain Power Good Indication for Output Over, Under Voltage


NN30310AA Datasheet PDF Download

NN30310AA pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: NN30310, NN30310AAVB