SNC109 Datasheet – Vioce Synthesizer IC ( PDF )

Part Number: SNC109

Function: One Channel Direct Drive Speech Controller

Manufacturer: Sonix Technology Co., Ltd


SNC109 datasheet



SNC109 is one-channel vioce synthesizer IC with PWM direct drive circuit, It built-in a 4-bit tiny controller with one 4-bit input port, two 4-bit I/O ports.


1. Single power supply 2.4V ~ 5.1V

2. 61 senconds voice capacity are provied ( @6kHz sample rate )

3. Built in a 4-bit tiny controller

4. One 4-bit input port, two 4-bit I/O ports are provied

5. Built in a high quality speech synthesizer

6. Low Power Reset

Other data sheets are available within the file: SNC-109


SNC109 Datasheet PDF Download

SNC109 pdf

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