SP312A Datasheet – Exar – RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver

Part Number: SP312A

Function:  Enhanced RS-232 Line Driver / Receiver

Packae : WSOIC 18 Pin Type


The SP233A / SP310A / SP312A devices are a family of line driver and receiver pairs that meets the specifications of RS-232 and V.28 serial protocols. The devices are pin-to-pin compatible with popular industry standard pinouts. The SP233A / SP310A / SP312A offer 120kbps data rate under load, small ceramic type 0.1μF charge pump capacitors and overall ruggedness for comercial appli- cations. Features include Exar’s BiCMOS design allowing for low power operation without sacrificing performance. These devices are available in plastic DIP and SOIC Wide packages operating over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

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SP312A Datasheet

SP312A pinoutSP312A pinout


• Operates from a Single +5V Power Supply

• Meets all RS-232F and ITU V.28 Specifications

• Operates with 0.μF Ceramic Capacitors

• No External Capacitors required (SP233A)

• Low Power Shutdown (SP30A, SP32A)

• High Data Rate – 20kbps under load

• Low power CMOS Operation

• +/-2kV Human Body Model ESD Protection

• Lead Free packaging available

Manufacturer: Exar Corporation

SP312A Datasheet

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