S3CC921 Datasheet PDF – Reset Chip

Part Number: S3CC921

Function: Cable reset chip is hardware device which use for reset toner cartridge chip SAMSUNG, Xerox, Dell, RICOH, TOSHIBA manufacturer


S3CC921 IC has memory areas of two kinds:

  • EEPROM – for read/write
  • OTP (One Time Programmed) – for One Time Programming

S3CC921 Image, S3CC921 Datasheet

Data in EEPROM possible to write many times. Data in OTP possible to write only once. As usually EEPROM contain counters. All counter in EEPROM possible to reset. As usually OTP hold machine model, region code, capacity, colour, some counters and other info. No with data located in OTP possible to change!

There are many limitation to work with chips and emulators.

  • Some chips/emulators possible to reset in full volume.
  • Some chips/emulators possible to reset partially.
  • Some chips/emulators impossible to reset.

Programmer able:

  • Select device: Emulator / Autodetect.
  • Select Machine/Autodetect mode.
  • Read data from chips and emulators.
  • Automatically reset counters in EEPROM area of the IC and Emulator (manual mode available too).
  • Write data to EEPROM area for the IC and Emulator.
  • Write data to OTP area of the IC and Emulator (while these data not changed and chip allows to do this)
  • Make context analyse of the data located in the chip (or data loaded into Hex-editor of the programmer) to get chip/dump info and take a decision about sense to reset counters.

Reference Site: http://lapatushka.com/eng/#S3CC921


S3CC921 Datasheet PDF
S3CC921 pdf


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