SP8611 Datasheet – Asynchronous ECL Divide ( PDF )

Part Number: SP8611

Function: Asynchronous ECL Divide

Package: DIP 14 Pin type

Manufacturer: GEC Plessey

Image and Pinouts:

SP8611 datasheet



The SP8610 and SP8611 are asynchronous ECL divide by four circuits with ECL compatible outputs which can also be used to drive 100Ω  lines. They feature input sensitivities of 600mV p-p (800mV p-p above 1300MHz).



1. ECL Compatible Outputs
2. AC-Coupled Inputs (Internal Bias)

Operating Notes :

1. The clock input (pin 4) should be capacitively coupled to the signal source. The input signal path is completed by connecting a capacitor from the internal bias decoupling, pin 6, to ground.

2. In the absence of a signal the device will self-oscillate. If this is undesirable, it may be prevented by connecting a 10kΩ resistor from the unused input to VEE i.e. from pin 4 to pin 7. This will reduce
the input sensitivity by approximately 100mV.

3. The circuit will operate at very low input frequencies but slew rate must be better than 200V/µs.



1. Supply Voltage: 25·2V
2. Power Consumption: 380mW
3. Max. Input Frequency: 1500MHz (SP8611B)

Other data sheets are available within the file: SP8610AADG, SP8610ADG, SP8610BDG, SP8610NA1C

SP8611 Datasheet PDF Download

SP8611 pdf

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