ST300C Datasheet PDF – 650V, Phase Control Thyristor

Part Number: ST300C

Function: 650V, Phase Control Thyristor

Package: TO-200AB ( E-PUK )

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors

Image and Pinouts:

ST300C datasheet



The ST300C is 650V, Phase Control Thyristor.

A thyristor is a type of semiconductor device used in electronic circuits as a switch or a control element. It is also known as a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR).

Thyristors are made up of several layers of alternating p-type and n-type semiconductors, similar to a diode. They have three terminals: an anode, a cathode, and a gate. The anode is the positive terminal, the cathode is the negative terminal, and the gate is the control terminal.


1. Center amplifying gate

2. Metal case with ceramic insulator

3. International standard case TO-200AB (E-PUK)

4. Lead (Pb)-free

5. Designed and qualified for industrial level

ST300C Thyristor

Typical Applications:

1. DC motor controls

2. Controlled DC power supplies

3. AC controllers

ST300C Datasheet PDF Download

ST300C pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:

ST300C04C0-PBF, ST300C04C1-PBF, ST300C04C2-PBF, ST300C04C3-PBF

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