STRW6554A Datasheet – Regulator for TV, ZIP 5Pin – Sanken

Part Number: STRW6554A, STR-W6554A

Function: Flyback Switching Regulator for TV, Power Controller

Package: ZIP 5 Pin

Manufacturer: Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Image :

STRW6554A datasheet


This is Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Flyback Switching Regulator for TV.

The STRW6554A is Power IC for PWM Type Switching Power Supply with Low Noise and Low Standby Power.


1. MOSFET Breakdown voltage :

2. Input V :

3. Ouptput Power :

Pinout :

STRW-6554A pinout

1. D

2. None

3. GND

4. Vcc

5. ADJ

6. FB

7. BD

STRW6554A Pinout

Note ] STR-W6553A = STR-W6554A = STR-W6556A

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Other data sheets are available within the file: STR6554A, STRW-6554, STRW-6554A, STRW6554

STRW6554A Datasheet PDF ( Equivalent )

STRW6554A pdf

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