STV9302A Datasheet PDF – Vertical Deflection Booster – ST

Part Number: STV9302A

Function: Vertical Deflection Booster

Package: HEPTAWATT 7 Pin

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


STV9302A datasheet



The STV9302A is a vertical deflection booster designed for TV and monitor applications. This device, supplied with up to 35 V, provides up to 2 App output current to drive the vertical deflection yoke. The internal flyback generator delivers flyback voltages up to 70 V. in double-supply applications, a stand-by state will be reached by stopping the (+) supply alone.


1 .Power Amplifier
2. Flyback Generator
3. Output Current up to 2 App
4. Thermal Protection
5. Stand-by Control

Block Diagram


Other data sheets are available within the file: STV9302

STV9302A Datasheet PDF Download

STV9302A pdf

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