SW-489 Datasheet PDF – SP3T, 2.5V, High Power Switch

This is one of the Power Switch types.

Part Number: SW-489

Function: High power switch

Package: FQFP 12-lead 3x3mm

Manufacturer: Macom, Tyco

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SW-489 datasheet pdf


SW-489 is a GaAs PHEMT MMIC single pole three throw (SP3T) high power switch in a low cost miniature FQFP 12-lead 3x3mm thin profile package. The SW-489 is ideally suited for applications where high power, low control voltage, low insertion loss, high isolation, small size and low cost are required. Typical applications are for GSM and DCS handset systems that connect separate transmit and receive functions to a common antenna, as well as other handset and related applications. This part can be used in all systems operating
up to 2.5 GHz requiring high power at low control voltage.


1 V3 Control 3
2 RF3 RF Port 3
3 GND RF Ground
4 GND RF Ground
5 RF2 RF Port 2
6 V2 Control 2
7 GND RF Ground
8 RF1 RF Port 1
9 V1 Control 1
10 GND RF Ground
11 ANT Antenna Port
12 GND RF Ground
13 GND (paddle) RF Ground



1. Low Voltage Operation 2.5V

2. Low Harmonics > 65 dBc at +34 dBm & 1 GHz

3. Low Insertion Loss 0.5 dB at 1 GHz

4. High Isolation 18.5 dB at 2 GHz

5. Miniature FQFP 12-lead 3x3mm Package

6. 0.5 micron GaAs pHEMT Process



SW-489 Datasheet

SW-489 pdf

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