SY8208BQNC Datasheet – Synchronous Step Down Regulator

Part Number: SY8208BQNC

Function: Synchronous Step Down Regulator

Package: QFN3x3-10

Manufacturer: Silergy

Image :

SY8208BQNC Image


1. Low RDS(ON) for internal switches (top/bottom) : 20/10 mΩ
2. Wide input voltage range : 4-28V
3. Instant PWM architecture to achieve fast transient responses
4. Internal 400uS softstart limits the inrush current
5. Pseudo-constant frequency : 800kHz.


SY8208BQNC Pinout


2. Set Top Box
3. Notebook
4. High Power AP

SY8208BQNC Datasheet

SY8208BQNC pdf datasheet

SY8208BQNC Datasheet

Reference Datasheet : SY8208AQNC Datasheet

The SY8208A develops a high efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC regulator capable of delivering 8A continuous, 16A peak current. The SY8208A operates over a wide input voltage range from 4V to 28V and integrates main switch and synchronous switch with very low R DS(ON) to minimize the conduction loss. The SY8208A adopts the instant PWM architecture to achieve fast transient responses for high step down applications and high efficiency at light loads. In addition, it operates at pseudo-constant frequency of 800kHz under continuous conduction mode to minimize the size of inductor and capacitor.

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