AD85063D Datasheet – Step-Down DC-DC Converter Control IC

Part Number: AD85063D

Function: Step-Down DC-DC converter control IC

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen XinJinShang Electronics


AD85063D converter


AD84068D / AD85063D are thin DC-DC buck converter IC, containing temperature-compensated reference voltage source 1.25V comparator can effectively limit the current and duty cycle control oscillator, driver and high current output switch, etc., outside with a small number of elements can be composed of DC-DC step-down circuit. Compared with the 34063 product can be achieved with a minimum of external components constituting the switch-mode buck converter, widely used in car charger, DC buck converter and other products. AD85063D is a dedicated Apple phone car charger IC, widely used in car charger, DC buck converter and other products.


AD85063D datasheet pinout



1. AD85063 less external circuit element for low-cost car charger charger charger program

2. Operating voltage range : 3.0V ~ 30V

3. The short-circuit current protection; low quiescent current

4. Output voltage : AD85063 : 5.1V±3%@Vin=12.0V

5. The actual working current: 1000mA @ Vin = 12.0V

6. 1.8V reference voltage and the output voltage LED


1. Car Charger

2. DC buck converter and other products

3. Children’s toys

4. Card audio

AD85063D Datasheet


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AAT1171 Datasheet PDF – Step-Down Converter – Skyworks

Part Number: AAT1171

Function: 600mA, Voltage-Scaling Step-Down Converter

Package : TDFN33-12, WLCSP-5 Type

Manufacturer: Skyworks Solutions


AAT1171 datasheet



The AAT1171 SwitchReg™ dynamically controls the operating voltage of a WCDMA or CDMA power amplifier inside single-cell, lithium-ion battery-powered systems. The AAT1171 outputs a voltage between 0.6V and 3.6V, thereby optimizing the amplifier efficiency at both low and high transmit levels.

The AAT1171 output voltage is controlled via an analog signal from the baseband processor. It can deliver
600mA of continuous load current while maintaining a low 45μA of no load quiescent current. The 2MHz switching frequency minimizes the size of external components while keeping switching losses low. To further improve system efficiency, an 85mΩ bypass MOSFET transistor is also included to allow the PA to be powered directly from the battery.


1. VIN Range : 2.7V to 5.5V
2. Variable Output Voltage : 0.6V to 3.6V
3. 600mA Output Current
4. DAC Input: 0.2V to 1.2V
5. High Output Accuracy : ±3%
6. 45μA No Load Quiescent Current
7. Internal Soft Start Limits Startup Current and Output Voltage Overshoot
8. Synchronizable to External 19.8MHz System Clock
9. Over-Temperature and Current Limit Protection
10. Integrated 85mΩ Bypass MOSFET
11. 2MHz Operation


1. WCDMA or CDMA PA in Cellular Phones, Smartphones, Feature Phones, etc.
2. Express Card
3. PCMCIA Data Cards

Other data sheets are available within the file: AAT1171IUP-1-T1, AAT1171IWP-1-T1

AAT1171 Datasheet PDF Download

AAT1171 pdf