TA1225 PDF – 25A, Solid State Relay – Crydom

Part Number: TA1225

Function: Triac output SSR ( Panel Mount )

Manufacturer: Crydom

TA1225 relay ssr crydom


TA1225 is A Solid State Relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that is used to control electrical loads without the need for moving mechanical parts, as found in traditional electromechanical relays

A 25A Solid State Relay (SSR) is a type of electronic switch that is capable of handling currents up to 25 Amperes. Unlike traditional electromechanical relays, SSRs use semiconductor components like thyristors (SCRs) or triacs to perform the switching action. SSRs are typically controlled by low-voltage signals (such as 3-32VDC) and require very little current to activate the switch. They are compatible with various control signals, including digital logic signals and microcontroller outputs.

SSRs find applications in various industries, including industrial automation, process control, heating and cooling systems, lighting control, and wherever reliable and noise-free switching of high currents is required.


• Triac output SSRs; Output rated from 10A to 25A @ 24-240 VAC

• AC or DC control

• Zero-crossing (resistive loads) output


Control Voltage 3-32 VDC 90-280 VAC 3-32 VDC 90-280 VAC AVAILABLE OPTIONS 10A TD1210 TA1210 TD2410 TA2410 25A TD1225 TA1225 TD2425 TA2425 OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS (1) Description Operating Voltage (47-63Hz) [Vrms] Transient Overvoltage [Vpk] Maximum Off-State Leakage Current @ Rated Voltage [mArms] Minimum Off-State dv/dt @ Maximum Rated Voltage [V/µsec] (2) Maximum Load Current (3) [Arms] Minimum Load Current [mArms] Maximum Surge Current (16.6ms) [Apk] Maximum On-State Voltage Drop @ Rated Current [Vpk] Thermal Resistance Junction to Case (Rjc) [°C/W] Maximum I2 t for Fusing (8.3 msec) [A2 sec] Minimum Power Factor (with Maximum Load) 10A 24-140 400 8 200 10 40 120 1.6 1.48 60 0.5 25A 24-140 400 8 200 25 40 250 1.6 1.02 260 0.5 10A 24-280 600 10 200 10 40 120 1.6 1.48 60 0.5 25A 24-280 600 10 200 25 40 250 1.6 1.02 260 0.5

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TA1225 PDF Datasheet