TA7137P – Pre-amplifier with ALC – Toshiba

TA7137P is a pre-amplifier IC with Automatic Level Control (ALC) for a tape recorder is a circuit or module designed to amplify and condition the audio signal from a microphone or other audio source before it is recorded onto a tape.

Part Number: TA7137P

Function: Pre-amplifier with Automatic Level Control (ALC) for a tape recorder

Package: SIP 9 Pin type

Manufacturer: Toshiba

TA7137P datasheet pdf


TA7137P is a specific integrated circuit (IC) that is used in audio amplifier applications.

The ALC IC in the pre-amplifier circuit is responsible for implementing the automatic level control function. It senses the output signal level and adjusts the gain of the amplifier to maintain a target recording level. When the input signal is strong, the ALC transistor reduces the gain, and when the input signal is weak, it increases the gain, ensuring a relatively constant recording level.



1. Wide ALC Range

2. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range : Vcc = 3 ~ 15 V

3. TA7137PST is Matched ALC Characteristic for Stereo Tape Recorder


Circuit and Pinouts

TA7137P circuit pinout



1. Primarily used as a stereo audio power amplifier. It can deliver a moderate power output suitable for driving speakers or headphones.

2. The IC is designed to operate in a dual-channel configuration, which means it can amplify and process audio signals for both the left and right audio channels.

3. The features voltage gain control, which allows for adjusting the amplification level of the audio signal. This feature can be useful for volume control or matching the signal level to different audio sources.


TA7137P Datasheet PDF

TA7137P pdf