ECL86 Datasheet – Triode Pentode

Part Number: ECL86, PCL86

Function: Triode Pentode

Package: Tube type

Manufacturer: RCA, Philips


ECL86 Datasheet Triode Pentode


The ECL86 was one of the last triode plus output pentode valves designed and was released to the market in 1962. Uses were in domestic radio and audio equipment. Normally in single ended output stages for radio-grams and tape recorders. The design proved popular in low cost stereo systems. The ECL86 was preceded by the ECL82.


1. Triode pentode with separate cathodes.
2. The triode section is intented for use as A.F amplifier
3. The pentode section is intened for use as A.F power amplifier


ECL86 pinout


ECL86 Datasheet


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ECC85 Datasheet – Double Triode

Part Number: ECC85

Function : Double triode, Electron tube

Package: Triode Type

Manufacturer: Philips, RCA


ECC85 Triode


Double TRIODE for use as R.F. amplifier and self oscillating mixer.

Miniature types used as rf amplifier and self-oscillating mixer in FM / AM radio receivers.

Heating : indirect by A.C. or D.C. ; parallel supply



ECC85 pinout datasheet



ECC85 Datasheet



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