TAT-125-3 Datasheet PDF – Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing

Part Number: TAT-125-3

Function: Heat Shrink Tubing

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity , Raychem


TAT-125-3 datasheet


TAT-125 is an adhesive-lined, flexible, thin-wall, heat-shrinkable tubing. It provides onestep electrical insulation and moisture sealing for a wide variety of applications. TAT-125 is especially suitable for applications where the moisture seal must withstand flexing or other physical abuse. Because both tubing and adhesive are flexible, the moisture seal is resistant to bending of the substrate.


1. Heat Shrinkable Tubing
2. Product Name = TAT-125
3. Product Source = U.S.
4. Flexible
5. Thin Wall Style



Seals and protects simple in-line splices, bimetallic joints, and components from fluids, moisture, and corrosion. Repairs damaged wire insulation, especially where flexibility is required. Provides onestep electrical insulation and moisture sealing.

Official Homepage: https://www.te.com/global-en/product-5500982001.html

Other data sheets are available within the file: TAT-125-3/16-0-STK

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TAT-125-3 pdf

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