TB1238N Datasheet PDF – Video Processing IC – Toshiba

Part Number: TB1238N


Package: SDIP 56 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Image :
TB1238N datasheet video processing ic


The TB1238N is the IF & Video processing IC for PAL / NTSC color TV system. This IC demodulates PAL / NTSC PIF, SIF and composite video signal to R/G/B primary colors and Audio signals. This IC can constitute Multi-Color System by combined with TA1275AZ ( SECAM Processor ). TB1238 has the analog R/G/B interface, therefore it is easy to make up PIP system by using this IC. Becasuse of the built-in video and audio swich, This IC can deal with an external channel without extra switch.

“IF & Video processing IC” refers to an Integrated Circuit (IC) that is designed to process signals in the Intermediate Frequency (IF) and video frequency range.

In a receiver, the IF frequency is used to down-convert the RF signal to a lower frequency, which is then amplified and demodulated to extract the information. The IF processing IC is responsible for amplifying, filtering, and demodulating the IF signal.

They can perform functions such as color correction, noise reduction, edge enhancement, and scaling. These ICs can also encode and decode various video formats, such as MPEG and H.264


1. Intercarrie Input

2. Double Time Constant IF AGC

3. Bus Controlled RF AGC

4. L-SECAM Demodulation

Pinout and Block Diagram:

TB1238AN Datasheet

TB1238AN Datasheet PDF
TB1238N pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: TB1238AN, TB1238N


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