TB2929AHQ PDF Datasheet – 47W, 4-Channel, Audio Power IC

This post explains for the Audio Amplifier IC. A BTL (Bridge-Tied Load) power audio amplifier is a type of amplifier configuration used in audio systems to increase the power output to drive speakers or other audio devices. It is also sometimes referred to as a “bridged” amplifier.

The Part Number is TB2929AHQ.

The function of this semiconductor is 47W, BTL x 4-ch Audio Power IC.

The package is HZIP 25 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Preview images :

TB2929AHQ pdf amplifier


The TB2929AHQ is a four-channel BTL power amplifier for car audio applications. This IC has a pure complementary P-ch and N-ch DMOS output stage, offering maximum output power (POUT MAX) of 47W. It includes a standby switch, mute function and various protection features.

The key advantage of a BTL amplifier is that it can effectively double the voltage swing across the load, which in turn quadruples the power delivered to the load (since power is proportional to the square of voltage). This configuration allows for more efficient and powerful amplification of audio signals, making it suitable for driving speakers in audio systems, especially when higher power levels are required.


1. High output power, low distortion, and low noise property

2. Build-in AUX-IN (pin25)

3. Built-in various mute functions (low voltage, standby on/off)

4. Built-in standby switch (pin4)

5. Built-in mute switch (pin22)

Block Diagram

TB2929AHQ pinout datasheet


Mute switch :

The audio mute switch is enabled by setting pin 22 Low. R1 and C4 determine the time constant of the mute. The time constant affects pop noise generated when power or the mute is turned on or off; thus, it must be determined on a per-application basis.


1. Power IC developed for car audio applications.

TB2929AHQ PDF Datasheet