TC3582DA Datasheet PDF – Multifunctional Charger IC – FM

Part Number: TC3582DA

Function: Multifunctional Charger IC

Package: DIP 8 Pin, COB 8 Pin Type





The TC3582DA is Multifunctional Charger IC.

1. Battery testing

In the case of VDD disconnect the battery access, whether positive or negative, as long as good contact, battery test indicator light L1, (the market a lot of anti-
Then L1 is not bright, but L2, or L3 light, here to note), that the battery has been normal access to the circuit. (Note: If the battery is connected, reverse all not
Bright, you can determine the battery power is too low, or has been damaged)

2. The battery is empty

When VDD is connected and not connected to the battery, L1, L3 are always on; the voltage difference between BTP and BTN is 4.17V (typical).

3. Normal charge and saturation detection

VDD connected and access less than the battery, the power control chip through the beginning of the normal battery charge (at this time regardless of the polarity of the battery in what
(L2 flashing frequency of 1.5HZ, L2 flashing), the battery voltage is gradually increased, if the three-lamp mode, then the L1 light, L2 flashing (L2 flashing frequency 1.5HZ,
The best to do OPTION, to prevent bias), L3 off, said the battery is being charged; when the battery voltage rises to 4.3V (typical), L2 off.

4. Short-circuit protection

If the battery is short-circuited during the charging process, ie the impedance between BTP and BTN is low and the voltage drop is less than 1.5V (typical), the core
Chip “short circuit protection” system will automatically cut off the charging circuit to avoid high current. At this point if the use of three-lamp mode, L1, L2 off, L3 light,
If the two-lamp mode is selected, L1 is off and L2 is on, indicating that the battery is not properly connected to the circuit. When the short-circuit fault is cleared, return to the respective normal mode.





1. Support ordinary three-lamp model, seven-color lamp model, two-lamp model.

2. Support type charger model.

3. Automatic identification battery polarity.

4. Charge and discharge voltage 4.25V (typical value).

5. Internal standards.

6. Extremely small outside property.

7. Empty time during export.

8. Short-circuit protection function.

TC3582DA Datasheet PDF



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