TC4511BP Datasheet – BCD-TO-7-Segment Latch, Decoder, Driver

Part Number: TC4511BP, TC4511BF, TC4511

Function : BCD-to-Seven Segment Latch / Decoder / Driver

Package: DIP 16, SOP 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: Toshiba




TC4511BP is decoder which converts the input of BCD code into the 7 segment display element driving signal and the output has complementary connection of NPN bipolar transistor and N-channel MOS FET. Therefore, not only capability of directly driving cathode common type LED, this has capability of driving various display elements with simple interface circuits.



LT input and BI input are to force all the outputs to be “H” (illuminated) and “L” (not illuminated) respectively regardless of BCD input. As the latch controlled by common LE input is inserted in each of four input lines, static display of dynamic information can be achieved. When an invalid BCD input, “10” or higher is applied, all the outputs become “L” (not illuminated).

TC4511BP Datasheet


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