WCN3-0040SR-C11 PDF – Seven-segment Numeric Display

Part Number: WCN3-0040SR-C11

Function: Seven-segment Numeric LED Display

Manufacturer: World Components Network

Images:WCN3-0040SR-C11 datasheet segment


The WCN3-0040SR-C11 series are 0.40 inch (10.16mm), height single, dul, triad and quad digit displays. SH. Red displays have black face or gray face and milky segment or red segment.
Orange displays have black face or gray face and milky segment or red segment.

A seven-segment display is an electronic display device used to display decimal numerals, most often as an alternative to the more complex dot-matrix displays. It is composed of seven segments (LEDs or LCDs), each of which can be lit or turned off independently to represent the decimal digits 0 to 9. The seven segments are arranged in the shape of the number 8, and are often referred to as “segments.” Seven-segment displays are widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters, and calculators, among other devices.


WCN3-0040SR-C11 pinout pdf

A seven-segment numeric display is a type of electronic display device used to represent numbers by illuminating segments of seven individual LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) arranged in a specific pattern. Each segment corresponds to a part of the number, and by selectively activating these segments, you can display numbers from 0 to 9. This type of display is commonly used in a wide range of electronic devices, such as digital clocks, calculators, thermometers, and various measurement instruments.


1. High intensity and reliability.

2. High quality and low cost.

3. Choice of colors: Red/Orange/Green/Blue,etc

4. Low power requirement.

5. Ic compatible.

6. Easy assembly

WCN3-0040SR-C11 PDF Datasheet

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ELS-321HDB Datasheet – 0.3 inch Digit Segment – Everlight

Part Number: ELS-321HDB

Function:  0.3″ Single Digit Display

Package: DIP 10 Pin Type






A 0.3-inch digit segment typically refers to a display segment size commonly used in numeric displays or seven-segment displays. It represents the height or diagonal length of each individual segment within the display.

In a seven-segment display, each digit is composed of seven segments arranged in a specific pattern. These segments can be independently controlled to form various numbers and characters. A 0.3-inch digit segment size indicates the height or diagonal length of each segment in the display.

The 0.3-inch digit segment size is a compact size often found in smaller electronic devices or applications where space is limited. These displays are commonly used in digital clocks, small calculators, instrumentation panels, appliances, and other devices that require numeric or alphanumeric displays.


1. The ELS-321series is a large 7.62mm (0.3″)high seven segment display design for viewing distances up to 7 meters.

2. These displays provide excellent reliability in bright ambient light.

3. These device is made with red segments and black surface





1. Industrial standard size.
2. Low power consumption.
3. Categorized for luminous intensity. display


1. Audio equipment
2. Instrument panels
3. Digital read out

ELS-321HDB Datasheet

ELS-321HDB pdf


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