TDA6509A Datasheet PDF – 3-Band Mixer/Oscillator and PLL

Part Number: TDA6509A

Function: 3-Band Mixer/Oscillator and PLL for Terrestrial tuner

Package: TSSOP, HVQFN 32 type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


TDA6509A datasheet



This device is a programmable 3-band mixer oscillator and synthesizer intended for LOW, MID and HIGH band TV and VCR tuners. It has three double balanced mixers and three oscillators for the LOW, MID and HIGH band respectively, a PLL synthesizer, and an IF amplifier. There are four package variants : TDA6508, TDA6509, TDA6508A and TDA6509A. Versions TDA6508; TDA6509 have a symmetrical IF amplifier; versions TDA6508A; TDA6509A have an asymmetrical IF amplifier, (see Fig.1). The common output of all three mixers can be connected, via two output pins, to an external IF filter to enable shunted IF bandpass and/or serial filtering for improved signal handling. Two input pins are available for connecting the output of the external filter to the input of the IF amplifier. The mixer output has an impedance of 300Ω. The IF amplifier input has an impedance of 2.5 kΩ(5 pF).


1. 15-bit programmable divider
2. Programmable reference divider ratio (64, 80 or 128)
3. Programmable charge-pump current (20 or 100 mA)
4. Balanced mixer with a common emitter input for LOW band (single input)
5. Balanced mixer with a common emitter input for MID band (balanced input)
6. Balanced mixer with a common base input for HIGH band (balanced input)


1. 3-band tuner for terrestrial TV, DVD-R, VCR and PC TV

Other data sheets are available within the file: NXP6509A, TDA6508, TDA6508A, TDA6509

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