TDA7851 Datasheet PDF – 4 x 48 W, MOSFET, Amplifier – ST

Part Number: TDA7851, TDA7851F, TDA7851A

Function: 4 x 48 W MOSFET, Quad Bridge Power Amplifier

Package: Flexiwatt25 ( Vertical ) Pin Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics ( )


TDA7851 amplifier st


The TDA7851 is a breakthrough MOSFET technology class AB audio power amplifier, designed for high-power car radio. The fully complementary P-Channel/N-Channel output structure allows a rail-to-rail output voltage swing which, combined with high output current and minimized saturation losses sets new power references in the car-radio field, with unparalleled distortion performances.


TDA7851 pinout datasheet



1. Multipower BCD technology

2. High output power capability :
(1) 4 x 48 W/4 Ω max.
(2) 4 x 28 W/4 Ω @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10%
(3) 4 x 72 W/2 Ω max.

3. MOSFET output power stage

4. Excellent 2 Ω driving capability

5. Hi-Fi class distortion

6. Low output noise

7. Standby function

8. Mute function


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TDA7851 Datasheet PDF



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