THX203H Datasheet – PWM Switching Power Supply Controller

Part Number: THX203H, THX-203H

Function: High Performance Current Mode PWM Switching Power Supply Controller

Package: DIP 8 Type

Manufacturer: TongHuaXin ( THX Micro-elec )

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Designed for cost-effective AC / DC converters. in 85V-265V wide voltage range provides up to 12W of continuous output power, the peak output power more Up to 18W. Optimized high-rationality of the circuit design Combined with high performance and low cost bipolar manufacturing process, the most To a large extent to save the overall cost of the product. The power supply The controller can operate in a typical flyback circuit topology, Constitute a simple AC / DC converter. IC internal Kai The dynamic circuit is designed as a unique current sink Type, the power switch can be used to enlarge the role of their own End To start, which significantly reduces the power of the starting resistor Consumption; and in the output power is low IC will automatically drop Low operating frequency, thus achieving a very low standby power Consumption. In the power tube cut-off, the internal circuit will power tube Reverse bias, directly using a bipolar transistor CB high pressure characteristics, a substantial increase in the power of the power Pressure capability up to 700V of high voltage, which guarantees the power Safety of pipes.






1. Built-in 700V high-voltage power switch, very few peripheral devices

2. latch pulse width modulation, pulse current limit detection

3. Low output frequency down function, no output power can be less than 0.3W

4. Built-in slope and feedback compensation function

5. Independent upper limit current detection controller, real-time processing controller over-current, overload

6. Off-cycle emitter bias output, to improve the power tube voltage

7. Built-in temperature compensation with current limiting resistor, accurate current limit
Built-in thermal protection circuit

8. use of switching power tube amplification to complete the start, start the power consumption of the resistor to reduce more than 10 times

9. minimal external components

10. Low starting and operating current

11. VCC overvoltage automatic limit

12. wide voltage continuous output power up to 12W, the peak output power up to 18W



THX203H Datasheet


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