THX208 PDF – PWM Switching Power Supply Controller – THX

Part Number: THX208

Function: High-performance current-mode PWM controller

Manufacturesr :

Package: SOP8-6D Type

Image: THX208


Designed for Cost-effective AC / DC converter designs. In Within 85V -265V wide voltage range provides near 4W Continuous output power. Optimized and highly reasonable circuit Designed to combine high performance and low cost bipolar production workers Yi, the maximum extent to save the overall cost of the product. The power supply controller can operate in a typical flyback circuit Topology to form a simple AC / DC converter.

THX208 Pinout

THX208 Pinout


1. Built-in 700V high voltage power switch, minimal external components
2. latched pulse width modulation, pulse by pulse current limit detection
3. Low output down function, no output power can be less than 0.25W
4. Built-in slope and feedback compensation function
5. independent upper limit current detection controller, real-time processing controller overcurrent, overload
6. off period emitter bias output, increased power tube voltage
7. Built-in current limiting resistor having a degree of compensation, accurate current limit
8. Built-in thermal protection circuit
9. use switching power amplification tube complete startup, startup resistor to reduce power consumption by more than 10 times
10. minimal external components
11. Low start-up and operating current
12. VCC Overvoltage automatically limits
13. Wide voltage output power up to 3.8W, narrow voltage output power up to more than 4.5W

THX208 Datasheet

THX208 Datasheet

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