TIPD138 Datasheet – SPI programmable 16-bit, Power Supply

Part Number: TIPD138

Function: SPI programmable 16-bit, 36V, 1A Power Supply with Integrated Current Shunt

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TIPD138 datasheet



This Verified Design provides the theory, component selection, simulation, PCB design, and measurement details for a SPI controlled 36V power supply capable of sourcing 1A.  It also includes an intergrated high-side current shunt accurate to 1% across multiple decades of current load.  The output of the design is sourced by the DAC8871 which supports both unipolar and bipolar output ranges.  As a result, this circuit can be easily modified to meet the needs of many different applications.


1. 36V @ 1A Load SPI Controlled Output

2. 0.08% Measured FSR Gain Error

3. 8.2mV Measured Offset Error

4. Current Monitor Output

5. Variable Decades of Current Measurement

Official Homepage:  https://www.ti.com/



TIPD138 Datasheet PDF Download

TIPD138 pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: TIPD-138