TM1650 Datasheet – LED Drive Controller – TiTan Micro

Part Number: TM1650

Function: LED Drive Controller / Keyboard Scan ASIC

Package: DIP 16, SOP 16 Type

Manufacturer: TiTan Micro Electronics


TM1650 image


The TM1650 is a special circuit for LED (Light Emitting Diode Display) drive control with keyboard scanning interface. Internally integrated with MCU input and output control digital interface, data latch, LED drive, keyboard scanning, brightness adjustment and other circuits. TM1650 has stable performance, reliable quality, and strong anti-interference ability, and can be used in 24-hour long-term continuous working applications.


TM1650 datasheet pinout


1. Segment drive current is greater than 25mA, bit driver current is greater than 150mA

2. Provide 8 brightness control

3. Keyboard scan: 7 × 4bit internal integration transistor drive

4. High-speed two-wire serial interface

5. Built-in clock oscillator circuit

6. Built-in power-on reset circuit


1. Household appliances such as set -top boxes, air conditioners

2. DVD/VCDs and other drivers.

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