TM2313 Datasheet – 4 Channel Audio Processing Chip – TITAN

Part Number: TM2313

Function: Digital audio processing control circuit

Package: SOP 28, DIP 28 Type



TM2313 Audio Processing Chip


TM2313 is a three-input four-channel digital output controls audio processing chip, the chip using deep submicron CMOS Process technology, the chip contains an internal volume, bass, treble, channel equalization, pre / post-stage attenuation, loudness processing; In a chip set of a plurality of selectable input gain, less peripheral circuit element, with better performance and reliability. All functions programmed via PC bus to drive implementation. TM2313 using SOP28 / DIP28 packages. Pin arrangement together Management, application circuit is simple, is very conducive to the layout of the circuit board and cost savings.


TM2313 datasheet pinout


1. using CMOS manufacturing process
2. the peripheral circuit element less
3. treble and bass control
4. with a loudness function
5. 3 stereo input, the input amplifier gain can be adjusted
6. can reduce the noise input and output of the system, between the equalizer
7. on four separate speaker channel equalization, attenuation process control
8. independent mute function
9. volume control: 1.25dB / step
10. low distortion
11. low noise and DC drift
12. microprocessor via a serial I2C bus interface to control
13. compatible TDA7313, PT2313

TM2313 Datasheet


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