TMC2011AN2C1 Datasheet – Variable-Length Shift Register

Part Number: TMC2011AN2C1, Marking : 2011AN2C1

Function: Variable-Length Shift Register

Package: DIP 24 Pin

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


TMC2011AN2C1 datasheet


The TMC2011A and TMC2111A are high-speed, byte-wide shift registers with programmable delay lengths. The TMC2011A can be programmed to any length between 3 and 18 stages. It offers a special split-word mode which allows for mixed delay lengths. The TMC2011A, constructed in low-power CMOS, is pin and function compatible with the bipolar TDC1011. The TMC2111A is a byte-wide shift register that can be programmed to lengths of 1 to 16 stages.



1. Low power CMOS
2. Inputs and outputs are TTL compatible
3. Special 4-bit wide mixed-delay mode (TMC2011A)


1. Video filtering
2. High speed data registers
3. Local storage registers
4. Digital delay lines
5. Television special effects
6. Pipeline register

Other data sheets are available within the file: 2011AB2C, 2011AB2C1, 2011AN2C, 2011AR3C

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