TNY177PN Datasheet – DIP 7 Pin, Offline Switcher – Power

Part Number: TNY177PN

Function: Energy Efficient, Offline Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range

Manufacturer: Power Integrations ( )


TNY177PN offline switcher


TinySwitch-LTcombines a high voltage power MOSFET switch with a power supply controller in one device. Unlike conventional PWM (pulse width modulator) controllers, it uses a simple ON/OFF control to regulate the output voltage. The controller consists of an oscillator, enable circuit (sense and logic), current limit state machine, 5.85 V regulator, BYPASS/MULTI-FUNCTION pin undervoltage, overvoltage circuit, and current limit selection circuitry, over- temperature protection, current limit circuit, leading edge blanking, and a 700 V power MOSFET. TinySwitch-LTincorporates additional circuitry for auto-restart, adaptive switching cycle on-time extension, and frequency jitter. Figure 2 shows the functional block diagram with the most important features.

Output Power Table

TNY177PN product


1. High DC current gain due to Darlington connection
2.  High surge resistance due to on-chip protection elements:
C to E: Dumper diode
C to B: Zener diode
3.  Low collector saturation voltage


TNY177PN datasheet pinout

TNY177PN Datasheet


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