MR4020 Datasheet – Quasi-Resonant Power Supply IC – IGBT

Part Number: MR4020

Function: Power ICs ( Main Switch : 2nd Generation High speed 900V IGBT )

Package: FTO-7P Type

Manufacturer: Shindengen




The MR4020 series represents IC modules for SMPSes equipped with burst mode (standby mode) switching functionality for miniscule loads. Its partial resonance operation makes possible low noise and superior efficiency. It is ideal for a variety of power applications including consumer devices.


MR4020 Datasheet


1. High efficiency and low noise through partial resonance
2. Second-generation high-speed IGBT with 900-V resistance simplifies design for auto-sensing power supply input. (MR40XX series)
3. Burst mode helps reduce power consumption at micro-loads.
4. Onboard startup circuit eliminates the need for startup resistors.
5. Soft-drive circuit achieves low noise levels.
6. Overcurrent protection function (ton limit and primary current limit), overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown function
7. Allow configuration of a power supply circuit with fewer external components.
8. Full-mold package facilitates insulation design

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Televisions, displays, printers, video recorders, DVD, STB, refrigerators, and other appliances; various automated business machines.

MR4020 Datasheet

MR4020 pdf

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