TP5100 Datasheet PDF – Battery Charger Chip, QFN16

Part Number: TP5100

Function: Single lithium battery charger management chip

Package: QFN16 Type

Manufacturer: Nanjing extension of Microelectronics


TP5100 datasheet circuit

Descripiton :

The TP5100 is a step-down switching double 8.4V / 4.2V single lithium battery charge management chip. QFN16 ultra small package with its simple external circuit, so that the large current charging management application TP5100 ideal for portable devices. Meanwhile, TP5100 built-in input overcurrent, undervoltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, battery temperature monitoring, reverse battery protection.


TP5100 schematic pinout


1. Dual / single 8.4V / 4.2V rechargeable lithium battery

2. Built-in power MOSFET, a switching mode of operation, less heating device, a simple peripheral

3. Programmable charge current, 0.1A – 2A

4. Programmable precharge current, 10% – 100%

5. No external Schottky diode anti-intrusion

6. Wide operating voltage, maximum reach 18V

7. Red and green LED indicates the state of charge


1. Portable equipment, various chargers
2. Smart phone, PDA, mobile cellular phone
3. MP4, MP5 players, tablet computers

TP5100 Datasheet


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