TP6902 PDF Datasheet – USB Audio Controller

Part Number: TP6902

Function: USB Audio Controller ( 8-bit micro-controller )

Package: HSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Tenx


TP6902 datasheet pdf


The TP6902 is an 8-bit micro-controller embedded device tailored to the USB audio application. It is able to play two channels PC audio through Full-Speed USB bus.


1. Compliance with the Universal Serial Bus specification v2.0 Full-Speed

2. Built-in USB Transceiver & 3.3V Regulator

3. Isochronous transfer with adaptive synchronization

4. High performance 48KHz sampling rate for audio playback

5. Two channel audio Class-D Amplify for speaker driving

6. Support USB Suspend function

7. 24MHz crystal oscillation

8. 28 pin package


. Rev 1.4, 2012/01/04 Advance Information AMENDMENT HISTORY DS-TP6902_E USB Full Audio controller Version Date Description V1.0 April, 2005 New release V1.1 July, 2005 Modify SOP, Skinny DIP to HSOP. V1.2 V1.3 V1.4 Jan, 2008 Modify PIN Description in FEATURE section Omit the contents in ELECTRICAL PARAMETER about Maximum Audio Mar, 2008 Output Current per Channel @ 4ohm Load JAN,2012 Add Ordering Information table. Preliminary 2 tenx technology inc. Rev 1.4, 2012/01/04 Advance Information DS-TP6902_E USB Full Audio controller CONTENTS AMENDMENT HISTORY.2 GENERAL Description4 FEATURE 4 BLOCK DIAGRAM 4 PIN Description .5 PIN ASSIGNMENT 5 APPLICATION CIRCUIT .6 ABSOLOUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS.7 ABSOLOUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS.7 OPERATING CONDITION 7 ELECTRICAL PARAMETER . [.]


TP6902 Datasheet

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