TPS25940 Datasheet PDF – eFuse Power Switch

Part Number: TPS25940

Function: 18V eFuse with True Reverse Blocking and DevSleep Support for SSD

Package: WQFN 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS25940 datasheet



The TPS25940 eFuse Power Switch is a compact, feature rich power management device with a full suite of protection functions, including a low power DevSleep™ mode that supports compliance with the SATA™ Device Sleep standard.

The wide operating range allows control of many popular DC bus voltages. Integrated back to back FETs provide bidirectional current control making the device well suited for systems with load side holdup energy that must not drain back to a failed supply bus.

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1. 42 mΩ RON (Typical)

2. 0.6 A to 5.3 A Adjustable Current Limit (±8%)

3. IMON Current Indicator Output (±8%)

4. 200 µA Operating IQ (Typical)

5. 95 µA DevSleep Mode IQ (Typical)

6. 15 µA Disabled IQ (Typical)


TPS25940 Datasheet PDF Download

TPS25940 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TPS25940A, TPS25940L