TPS65642 Datasheet PDF – LCD Bias Solution

Part Number: TPS65642

Function: LCD Bias with Integrated Gamma Reference

Package: 56-Ball DSBGA Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS65642 datasheet



The TPS65642 is a compact LCD bias solution primarily intended for use in Notebook and Tablet PCs.

The device comprises two boost converters to supply the LCD panel’s source driver and gate driver/level shifter; two buck converters and an LDO linear regulator to supply the system’s logic voltages; a programmable V COM generator with two high-speed amplifiers; 14-channel gamma voltage correction; and a gate voltage shaping function.


1. 2.6 V to 6 V Input Voltage Range

2. Synchronous Boost Converter (AVDD)

3. Non-Synchronous Boost Converter with Temperature

4. Compensation (VGH)

5. Synchronous Buck Converter (VCORE)

6. Synchronous Buck Converter (VIO1)

7. Low Dropout Linear Regulator (VIO2)

8. Programmable VCOM Calibrator with

9. Two Integrated Buffer Amplifiers

10. Gate Voltage Shaping


TPS65642 Datasheet PDF Download

TPS65642 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TPS65642YFFR, TPS65642YFFT