TPS65950 Datasheet PDF – Power Management / Audio Codec

Part Number: TPS65950

Function: Integrated Power Management / Audio Codec

Package: PGA 209 Pin, 7 × 7 mm Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS65950 datasheet



The TPS65950 device is a highly integrated power-management and audio coder/decoder (codec) integrated circuit (IC) that supports the power and peripheral requirements of the OMAP™ application processors. The device contains power management, an audio codec, a universal serial bus (USB) high-speed (HS) transceiver, an ac/USB charger, light-emitting diode (LED) drivers, an an alog-to-digital converter (ADC), a real-time clock (RTC), and embedded power control.

The power portion of the device contains three buck converters, two controllable by a  dedicated SmartReflex™ class-3 interface, multiple low-dropout (LDO) regulators, an embedded power controller (EPC) to manage the power-sequencing requirements of OMAP, and an RTC and backup module. The RTC can be powered by a backup battery when the main supply is not present, and the device contains a coin-cell charger to recharge the backup battery as needed.


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TPS65950 pdf

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