TS1620A-17 Datasheet PDF – 16 Char x 2 Line LCD Module

Part Number: TS1620A-17

Function: 16 Char x 2 Line, LCD Module

Manufacturer: Unspecified


TS1620A-17 datasheet



This USER’S MANUAL is introduced the outside dimensions, optical characteristics,
electrical characteristics, interface, controller commands, etc. of the custom design LCD


1. Display Mode: STN, Negative, Transmission Blue or STN Positive,transmissive,YG

2. Display forma: 16 Character x 2 Line

3. Viewing Direction: 6:00 clock

4. Display Font : 5 x 8 Dots

5. Driving Scheme : 1/16Duty,1/5Bias

6. Power Supply : Single Power Supply (+5V)

7. VLCD Voltage: 4.7V

8. Control IC:  ST7066U-0A ,ST7065C

9. BACKLIGHT : White light  or yellow green

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TS1620A-17 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TS1620A17