XPT4863 Datasheet PDF – Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: XPT4863

Function: Class AB, two-way road and bridge type audio power amplifier chip

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Xptek ( www.xptek.cn )

Image and pinouts :

XPT4863 datasheet





XPT4863 is one class AB, two-way road and bridge type audio power amplifier chip, use 5.0 V power supply; In THD + N less than 10% cases, for a 4 Ω load provide 3 w power. In addition, when the joint stereo headphones, XPT4863 in single end work mode driver stereo headphones. One is widely recognized and widely used in classical chip.


1. 3 w output power (5 v power supply, 4 Ω load, 10% THD + N)

2. Single end mode, load for 32 Ω, output power for 75 mw, THD + N or less 0.5%.

3. Low leakage current shut off (typically 0.7 u A)

4. Internal unity gain stable, external gain adjustable

5. Wide working voltage range (2.0 V ~ 5.0 V)

6. The SOP16, DIP16, ETSSOP20 packaging

7. Fully compatible with LM4863, CSC4863


XPT4863 Datasheet PDF Download

XPT4863 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: XPT-4863