TT2222 Transformer Datasheet PDF – TEMCo Control

Part Number: TT2222

Function: TEMCo Control Transformer

Manufacturer: TEMCo


TT2222 Transformer



TEMCo Industrial Control Transformers are used to convert all standard international voltages. Built to last, guaranteed, with a decade long warranty.

Our industrial control transformers change supply voltages for the operation of components such as contactors, solenoids, relays, and timers. They accommodate momentary current inrush produced when electromagnetic components are energized without compromising secondary voltage stability. Maximum Safety is assured through the secondary control circuit which is isolated from the primary line circuit.


1. Built to order FAST in 1 week
2. 10 Year Warranty – Guaranteed to Last.
3. Copper Windings – Standard on all units.
4. 130°C Insulation class. 80°C temperature rise (25-1000 VA models).
5. 155°C Insulation class. 100°C temperature rise (1500-7500 VA models).
6. Easy Wiring – Solid terminals with combination screw connections.
7. Clear Terminals Marking – identified with additive polarity markings.
8. Versatile – Models with multi-voltage primary and secondary increase applications possible.

Reference pages :

1. TT2222 Transistor PDF Datasheet – 800V, 10A, NPN Transistor – Sanyo


TT2222 Transformer Datasheet PDF


Other data sheets are available within the file:  TT2217, TT2218, TT2219, TT2220, TT2221

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