TVR14621 PDF – 14mm, 620V, Zinc Oxide Varistor

Part Number: TVR14621

Function: 14∅, 620V, Zinc Oxide Varistor

Manufacturer: TKS


TVR14621 datasheet Varistor



TVR14621 is 14mm, 620V, Zinc Oxide Varistor. A Zinc Oxide Varistor (ZnO varistor) is an electronic component designed to protect electrical circuits and devices from overvoltage conditions. It’s a type of voltage-dependent resistor that exhibits a non-linear voltage-current characteristic. Varistors are commonly used in various electronic equipment to divert excessive voltage away from sensitive components, preventing damage due to transient voltage spikes or surges.


TVR14621 pdf


1. Surge Protection: Varistors are often used in power supply circuits to protect sensitive electronic devices from voltage surges caused by lightning, power grid fluctuations, or other transient events.

2. Electrical Equipment: They can be found in devices like surge protectors, power strips, and electrical outlets to safeguard connected equipment.

3. Communication Systems: Varistors help protect communication equipment from voltage spikes caused by nearby lightning strikes or other electromagnetic interference.

4. Automotive Electronics: They are used in vehicles to safeguard electronic components from voltage fluctuations and transient events.

5. Industrial Equipment: Varistors are used in industrial environments to protect sensitive machinery and control systems from electrical disturbances.

TVR14621 PDF Datasheet