UBA1706 PDF – Cordless telephone line interface ( Datasheet )

Part Number: UBA1706

Function: Cordless telephone line interface

Package: SSOP 24 Type

Manufacturer: NXP, Philips Semicondcutor


UBA1706 datasheet pinout



The UBA1706 is a BiCMOS integrated circuit intended for use in mains-powered telecom terminals. It performs all speech and line interface functions, DC mask for voltage or current regulation and electronic hook switch control. The device also includes general purpose switches. Most of the characteristics are programmable via a 3-wire serial bus interface.


1. Line interface

• Low DC line voltage; operates down to 1.2 V (excluding polarity guard)

• Voltage regulator with adjustable DC voltage

• DC mask for voltage or current regulation (CTR21)

• Line current limitation for protection

• Electronic hook switch control input

Block Diagram

UBA1706 pdf


• Cordless base stations

• Mains or battery-powered telephone sets.



UBA1706 PDF Datasheet