UCC28061 Datasheet – PFC Controller, SOIC 16 ( PDF )

Part Number: UCC28061

Function: Natural Interleaving Transition-Mode PFC Controller With Improved Audible Noise Immunity

Package: SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


UCC28061 datasheet



Optimized for consumer applications concerned with audible noise elimination, this solution extends the advantages of transition mode—high efficiency with low-cost components—to higher power ratings than previously possible. By utilizing a Natural Interleaving technique, both channels operate as masters (that is, there is no slave channel) synchronized to the same frequency. This approach delivers inherently strong matching, faster responses, and ensures that each channel operates in transition mode.


• Phase Management Capability
• FailSafe OVP with Dual Paths Prevents Output Over-Voltage Conditions Caused by
Voltage-Sensing Failures
• Sensorless Current Shaping Simplifies Board Layout and Improves Efficiency
• Inrush Safe Current Limiting:
– Prevents MOSFET conduction during inrush
– Eliminates reverse recovery events in output rectifiers

SYSTEM Features

• Improved Audible Noise Performance
• Soft Start on Overvoltage
• Integrated Brownout
• Improved Efficiency and Design Flexibility over Traditional, Single-Phase Continuous
Conduction Mode (CCM)
• Input Filter and Output Capacitor Current Cancellation:
– Reduced current ripple for higher system reliability and smaller bulk capacitor
– Reduced EMI filter size
• Enables Use of Low-Cost Diodes without Extensive Snubber Circuitry
• Improved Light-Load Efficiency
• Improved Transient Response
• Complete System-Level Protection
• 1-A Source/1.8-A Sink Gate Drivers


• 100-W to 800-W Power Supplies
• Gaming
• D to A Set Top Boxes
• Adapters
• LCD, Plasma and DLP™ TVs
• Home Audio Systems

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