UPC566H Datasheet PDF – Low Noise Preamplifier, SIP 7

Part Number: UPC566H

Function: Low Noise Preamplifier, Audio IC

Package: 7-pin SIP Type

Manufacturer: NEC ( Renesas Technology )


UPC566H datasheet


The UPC566H is Low Noise Preamplifier.

A Low Noise Preamplifier (LNA) is an electronic amplifier that amplifies a weak signal received from an antenna or sensor before it is further processed by subsequent stages in a receiver or measurement system. The primary goal of an LNA is to amplify the weak signal with minimum additional noise, to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) throughout the system.

The design of an LNA is crucial to maintain low noise and high gain performance. Various design techniques can be used to achieve low noise, such as using low-noise transistors, minimizing the number of active devices, and optimizing impedance matching between the antenna and amplifier. In addition, the LNA may also have features to protect against damage from high input power signals.

LNAs are commonly used in a variety of applications, including wireless communication systems, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting systems, radar systems, medical imaging systems, and scientific instruments.





1. 2-stage amplifer with high input
2. Emitter-follower ouput



Absolute  Maximum Ratings



1. Car stereo set
2. Cassette-tape recorder
3. Home stereo set


Other data sheets are available within the file: UPC566, C566H

UPC566H Datasheet PDF Download

UPC566H pdf

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