UTR-40 Datasheet – Power Mixer Amplifier ( PDF )

Part Number: UTR-40

Function: P.A. LOW POWER MIXER AMPLIFIERS – 40W AC / DC 12V, 3 Mike 1 Aux

Manufacturer: Mega


UTR-40 datasheet



UTR-40 is a ruggedly constructed portable PA amplifier incorporating high-tech design and circuitry ensuring absolute reliability and unfailing performance.


1. Multiple inputs for 3 Mikes / 1 Aux source.
2. Cut type bass and treble control.
3. Portable and ideal for use in electricity failure prone areas.
4. Multi power source amplifier: AC mains, 12V DC (car battery) and 12V DC (8 x 1.5 v UM-1 cell each).
5. Dry battery on/off switch.
6. External speaker connections are provided for 4, 8, 16 Ohms and 100V line.

Other data sheets are available within the file: UTR40

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UTR-40 pdf