VCA3 Datasheet PDF – Video Amplifier Series

Part Number: VCA3

Function: Video Amplifier, Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Manufacturer: RDL ( Radio Design Labs ),  Unspecified



Description :

CA101VH is a amplifier for long- range video transmission up to 1000 meters over RG59 coaxial cable

.  They are suitable for far distance, different floor in a building or different electrical field.

VCA3 is One Input to One Output Video Amplifier

1. Wide bandwidth,  video gain compensation amplification.
2. 10dB adjustable image gain
3. Built in Input Impedance adjustment, transmission range over 1.5Km (RG6U cable)
4. Built in Balance adjustment.
5. Built in Liner Gain adjustment.
6. Built in HF/MF/LF Compensation for color gain.
7. Built in a highly balanced mode of video transmission for extra interference immunity.
8. Built in Surge Protection.
9. Red LED: As power on indicator.
10 Perfect to maintain good quality picture for long-range transmission with DVR.
11. Power supply included.

Image and Pinouts:



1. Audio Level Control from a DC Voltage
2. Audio Level Remote Control
3. Two Wire with Shield or Three Wire Control
4. VCA with Microphone or Line Level Input
5. VCA with Line Level Output
6. VCA with LED Metering of Operating Leve


VCA3 Datasheet PDF Download

VCA3 pdf

VCA3 manual

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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